I just came from the Canandaigua City Finance Committee meeting where the request by the project’s developers to add docks for the exclusive use of condo owners to the project scope was debated yet again. I was glad that the Finance Committee did not agree to recommend approval of the dock request to the full Council: Council should not take any action that threatens the beauty of our lakefront, the lake’s environmental well-being, and the quality of our drinking water.

That said, I am 100% in support of the resort project as originally conceived. The benefits to our city are many: increased tax revenue for the city, growth opportunities for businesses serving hotel guests and conference attendees, and an increase in inventory that will help make hotel rooms more affordable in Canandaigua. That was the promise of the original proposal, and the project’s potential to deliver on that promise is still very real, albeit threatened. What’s threatening it? An incompetent and disingenuous developer.

Does anyone truly have confidence in the current developers’ ability to bring the Finger Lakes Resort project to completion after four years of false starts, even with the docks? I myself do not. The current gambit with the dock request, paired with highly dubious claims that Hilton International is panting to hang its logo on the property, is just the latest attempt to convince our City Council and us that the only thing standing in the way of the project’s completion is Council’s own reluctance to agree to any and all concessions.

We need to identify a developer with a proven track record of bringing projects like the Finger Lakes Resort to fruition. A developer who knows how to secure financing, manage a budget and project timelines, and deliver on the promises made to the community with which he seeks to partner. The faster the current developers are forced to cut bait, the better.

When I am serving Ward 4 on City Council, my constituents can count on me to vote against any request from the current developer that prolongs their involvement in this project. I want it done as much as any of you, but these developers just don’t have the juice to get it done.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

4 thoughts on “Enough is enough. The Finger Lakes Resort project needs a new developer.

    1. Thanks Dan. We all need to continue to show up and speak up on this issue. Either our elected representatives will decide to be responsive, or we elect new ones (hint, hint!) I would love to hear more from you about how city government can better serve you.

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    1. Anne, you can absolutely count on me sticking to my guns on this issue. These developers have lost my confidence and that of most Canandaiguans. Now we need to convince Council to cut bait in order to make way for a developer that’s up to the task.


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