Who I am, and why I want to serve you on City Council

 I’m a Rochester native who moved to the town of Canandaigua in 2008 and to the city of Canandaigua in 2013.  I attended Catholic grammar school and public high school, and my brother and I were raised by our mother who supported our family through public assistance.  I earned my bachelor’s degree from SUNY Fredonia, an accomplishment made possible in part because of generous scholarship support from community organizations.  It was my first personal experience with a community’s power to shape lives in a positive way.

After stints at the Automobile Club, Lawyer’s Cooperative Publishing and Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, I am now the Senior Director of Provider Network Management and Payer Relations at Accountable Health Partners, a physician-hospital network affiliated with the University of Rochester that includes FF Thompson Hospital and most of our area’s doctors.  My organization’s goal is to improve the quality of health care while lowering costs. I work closely with our providers to realize that mission and to ensure that community hospitals like Thompson continue to prosper and remain major employers in the community.

I am a mom and a wife.  My husband Brent is a Canandaigua native who grew up in the Old Brookside neighborhood.  Our children all attended Canandaigua schools.  Francesca, who has since graduated from SUNY Fredonia herself, was active in musical theatre at the Academy.  She is now working as a payer enrollment specialist for the University of Rochester Medical Center.  Jonah lives in Buffalo, and was an enthusiastic martial arts and robotics student in his middle school and high school years.  Brooke is a junior at the Academy where she is pursuing an International Baccalaureate diploma.  My beloved Yorkie Rusty who is pictured above passed away in June 2019, and he is so very missed by everyone in our family, but particularly by me.

That’s really all there is to it: my life with my family might look a lot like yours.  We work and go to school, clean and cook, go to the Y and the kids’ games and walk the dog.  And like any family there are also challenges and setbacks.  But all in all we are leading a life made better by living it in this beautiful, neighborly city.

It is my appreciation for the role Canandaigua has played in my family’s life that first motivated me to run for City Council, and now to run for reelection.  I want to continue to serve this city to ensure that it remains the safe, convivial environment in which my kids have flourished.  Grateful for the kindness and graciousness of my neighbors, I want to be of service to them and be a good steward of this community in which they have invested so much.

This city is my home and its residents are my neighbors.  I want to give of the best of myself to make our home, the city of Canandaigua, the best place to live in Western New York.