Service and accessibility

When you need help with city government, you need a representative who thinks that helping you is the most important aspect of the job.  That’s exactly what I believe – that in order to be a good leader, I have to be a great public servant. You can count on me to be easy to get a hold of, quick to respond to your calls and emails, and eager to get to know you.  And whether I’m walking my dog in our neighborhood or pushing my cart through Tops, I will always be happy to stop and listen.

If you send me to City Council as your representative, you can also expect that I will prioritize attending Council, committee and ward meetings. Serving you on Council means being there and being prepared, and I promise you I will be.

Transparency and communication

It’s a busy world, and it can be difficult to stay informed about what’s going on in our community.  Keeping you informed will be another critical aspect of my service to you.  You can count on me to regularly share information about the important issues facing Canandaigua.  You can also expect me to communicate how I intend to vote, how I did vote and the reasons why, all with full transparency and without jargon, acronyms and  political double talk.

Whether you hear from me through a monthly newsletter or a quarterly Ward 4 meet-up, you can expect me to communicate regularly and with information you will find useful.

Listening and learning

I think Canandaigua is a great place to live, and I have some ideas about how we can work together and make our community the best place to live in Western New York.  But no matter how great my ideas are, I can’t do my best job on City Council if I’m not listening to you and learning about your priorities and about how Canandaigua can serve your family better.  If you have an idea to share or a concern to address, I am ready to listen.  Have something to tell me right now?  Click here and let’s start a conversation.